Are you a retired business man/woman or employee who need support on : 

1-General advice on managing your retirement earnings

Our Accountants can work with you and provide you with the best advice possible on managing your retirement income (pension , rent , other investments)

2-Self-assessment tax return

Personal Tax Return also known as a self-assessment is possibly applicable to you as you are likely to earn some income not taxed at source. The self-assessment can prove to be a time-consuming , stressful task, especially if left for the last minute. Completing a self-assessment involves reporting your personal earnings for the relevant tax year and filing your return by the 31st January following the end of the relevant tax year. Missing the deadline will probably trigger an unnecessary £100 late penalty automatically and possibly more in some circumstances. Think MouMou Tax Advisers! and you never have to worry about missing deadlines , or not knowing available tax relief applicable to you . Our specialists Tax team can take care of the whole process , from assessing your situation , planning and/or calculation of any tax liability or tax refund , claiming (on your behalf) any tax relief , amending a previously submitted tax return , looking for best available tax payment plans or just checking the relevant self-assessment return form for you before its submissions to HMRC. 

3-Tax planning , advice and support for tax inspections

You hard earned cash after your retirement is and should be yours and not even the Taxman should take away more than it should . If you are unsure of the tax rules and don’t want to risk fines coming from misinterpretation and miscalculation , MouMou tax specialists can stand by you for advice , personnel tax planning , tax reviews and try to ensure that you only pay as much tax as you are legally obliged to. Whatever your tax planning needs are, we will do our best to fit you in the tax saving scheme(s) based your circumstances and status without breaking the law. For confidential and personalized advice or quote , please visit us in our London office (subject to COVID-19 government guidelines) or contact us by phone on +44 1296 9262 55 , on WhatsApp +44 7578 2795 97  or by email at 

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