Company or Trust formation and administration

Out of the millions of people dreaming  of setting up businesses , often a lower proportion manage to actually do it. Most of those who have been able to make it have gone through the important step of setting up and registering the business legally with companies house and HMRC as well as all the regulatory bodies relevant to the industry or sector of activity. Although the registration process is simple , you might need the right advice and information about the best legal type of business (Limited Liability Partnership , Limited Private company , Limited by guarantee) or trust to go for , the best tax arrangement/planning for you and your partners , the right timing (for tax purposes) for registration etc. This will give you and your business a good chance of being on the winning side once the company or trust is set up officially and be ready to grow and/or succeed . You don’t have to do it all by yourself  ; our experienced teams can support you all the way including advising you on :

-fund raisings options 



-financial management and cash collection;

-how to plan for taxes from day 1 ;

-record keeping;

-cost effective way of withdrawing cash from your business .

 If you want to set up a trust , be aware that is an arrangement where a person or company (the trustee) holds assets (trust property) in trust for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries). To create a trust, you need: trustees or directors of a corporate trustee. governing rules (a trust deed).

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