Capital Gains Tax

Tax is potentially payable on the “surplus” or gain that you make when you sale assets such as shares ,bonds, property , business  etc. It is called Capital Gain Tax (CGT).  The tax rules around CGT can be seen as very complex and possibly daunting for the non-specialists .

 On the positive side , there are also many reliefs and exemptions available to tax payers. Claiming all these tax reliefs and exemptions  can lead to significant tax savings and reduce perhaps your tax liability to ZERO. We don’t want you to miss any tax relief or exemption. It is your right! If you are considering selling a personal asset , all or part of your business, then the timing , the value of your assets , your marital status , your tax residency might all be relevant and can contribute to a reduction of your tax liability. MouMou Tax team can advise you on the tax planning to be done  , before or after you make your asset disposal, in order to mitigate or reduce potential tax liabilities legally. 

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